Making video search easy. Helping viewers to only watch what they find interesting.

Advance Video Search and Engagement

We help your viewers:
Professionals using ovipp to video search.

We Specialize in Video Search and Dynamic Video Engagement

Video Search Technology

This technology is able to direct the viewer to what interests them about the video. Areas of disinterest are avoided.

Video Subdirectory

Contains a list of interest points that are clickable and when activated the video will begin at that point of of interest. Each interest point is categorized into categories and subcategories.

Video Search Box

Is a search box on the website that allows for users to search the for content of interest. Search gives results from categories, subcategories and individual interest points.

SEO ready Links

For each point of interest there is a video link that can be used in emails, articles, blogs, etc. It will connects directly to the point of interest to begin play at that time. The links are also SEO friendly and can be searched using any search engine.

Embed code

Allows for users to add the Accelerated Access Technology and Video Subdirectory to their site of choice.

Video Splash

Video engager that plays prior to the main video.

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